PMSimulatorApp is a great and vital tool for any aspiring PMP, it has a huge bank of simulator questions, that will test you in all domains and ITTO's. The truly hidden goldmine is the app's PMP Process Game, which helps to understand the ITTO's in a visually friendly manner. I would highly recommend PMSimulatorApp to supplement your study for any soon to be PMP!

Faisal Khan, PMP (Canada), September 5, 2019

The PMSimulatorApp was the main simulator I used to prepare for my exam in Aug 2019. I went through almost all questions available in it by using the filters to customize questions for my simulations according to my knowledge gaps and time availability. I used it intensively for about 1 month prior the exam and successfully passed it. It is simple, straightforward and accessible with the highest cost benefit among the apps available. I admire the simplicity and efficiency of the app and found the questions to be of great quality and relevant to my studies. My big thanks to Collin for his support.

Dina Werstak, PMP (Ireland), August 19, 2019

This app was extremely helpful. Being mobile friendly allowed me to study anywhere. It was nice to be able to adjust the number of questions and which topics to include per quiz. Having the ITTOs mapped out together was also a great reference to review. I studied using this tool pretty much exclusively and passed the exam on the first try, so I highly recommend!

Alexa Livezey, PMP (USA), August 10, 2019

I found the to be the best test prep because of the simplicity of the system, the price, and because of the proximity of the questions to the ones I actually had on my exam. I failed my first attempt before I found this app...and passed with flying colors after!

Erinn Miles, PMP (USA), August 1, 2019

The PMSimulatorApp was extremely useful. I used the Simulator and the Professor ITTO tools daily, most times multiple times during the day, just to keep testing myself, doing better each time after each Q&A test. I found it very helpful that you are provided the explanation of the correct answer and where in the PMBOK you can find that information. The process game and Navigator was fun too, but honestly what interested me the most and helped me the most were the simulator and ITTO Q&A's. Honestly, the ... I've used over the past several months and found it AWESOME!

Patrece Rivers-Hines, PMP (USA), July 26, 2019

To be honest, the was invaluable in my preparation. It was very beneficial to study each phase/process/chapter as a stand alone section. As an example, other options would include all chapters, not giving the option to only focus on stakeholder, or integration or risk management. It was very helpful to have the option to select just that one section to cover at a time.(Or just integration, just Planning, etc.) I feel that this simulator is a great value for your money!!! Most online resources charge well over $100 for something very similar. I'm pleased to have invested significantly less and still worth every penny.

Gladys Ruck, PMP (USA), June 22, 2019 provided me with the best preparation by far for the exam since it provided the closest practice exams to the actual PMI PMP Exam. The PMP exam that I took was highly situational as opposed to direct questions on EVM formulas or the ITTO's. I was very surprised by the fact that there were so few questions on the exam that required any significant time in terms of calculations. In the end, I was actually very impressed that PMI created an exam that gave some very real life scenarios for which the PMBOK provided useful guidance. I would highly recommend for test preparation. I might not have passed had I not utilized this product. Thank you for helping me pass the exam on my first attempt!

Keith Campbell, PMP (USA), June 13, 2019

I spent the last 48 hours before the exam on the, particularly the PMP ITTO Navigator. This strategy worked to ensure that there were no ITTOs that I didn't have a firm understanding of. It also helped to see how processes were interconnected. Result: Above Target Score!

Carolyn Parker, CAPM (USA), February 25, 2019 was really the simulator that I needed in order to prepare for the exam and to become confident before actually taking the exam. It was really helpful for me and it is also a great value for the money. I would strongly recommend it to any PMP candidate.

Alex Moldovanu, PMP (Romania), November 28, 2018

I just passed the PMP! The PMSimulatorApp is a useful tool in that process. As part of my PMP study prep, I developed proficiency by doing quick 10-20 question practice tests by Knowledge Area (and Process Group) until I was averaging 90% on each area. I really appreciate having the Navigator tool to visually see how everything fits together, and how progress transitions from initiating to closing. Excellent PMP prep tool that I would recommend.

Gene Huie, PMP (USA), September 9, 2018

PMSimulatorApp is one of those rare tests which is completely devoted to the PMBOK 6th Edition and also offers a great number of the questions with explanations and where to find the right answer in the PMBOK. The questions are in clear English with exact PMBOK references. There were no situations where I was unable to understand the questions. Bottom line, this app prepares you for the real questions in the exam. Personally my result was "Above Target" for every Knowledge Area.

Edgars Pampe, CAPM (Latvia), August 24, 2018