I did find the PMSimulatorApp to be useful, as part of a rotation of toolsets I needed to quickly use to be ready for the exam. I found the questions in the PMSimulatorApp to generally be well tuned to the PMBOK, which is good for the basics. Because of my very compressed schedule, I basically jumped around and tried to sample many areas of the simulator in order to hit all the knowledge areas. The simulator was very good for doing that!! I'd take 10-20 questions at a time in different areas

Paull Heppner, PMP (USA), December 30, 2020

I found the PMSimulatorApp very helpful. I spent a lot of time in the test simulator as well as the ITTO Professor. The PMSimulatorApp is a very easy and helpful tool to help one prepare for the PMP exam.

Lance Schladoer, PMP (USA), December 23, 2020

The PMSimulatorApp was one of the best resources I used for my studying for the PMP exam. I would suggest this site for anyone who is studying for the PMP exam. It helped me to pass.

Marcellia Kemp, PMP (USA), December 17, 2020

PMSimulatorApp is a great tool for preparing PMP exams. It presents a lot of options to learn and presents a holistic view of all 49 PMBOK 49 Processes and each and every process details and underlying Inputs, Tools and techniques and outputs of each one of them. I liked the PMP ITTO Navigator and used it a lot. I liked Professor ITTO and used it a lot to learn ITTOs. I used small quizzes a lot.

Abhay Sudhakar, PMP (USA), December 4, 2020

Things that I liked with are :

1. Quality and quantity of questions available for practicing based on knowledge areas, process groups. PMP exam is about applying the knowledge of PM processes. This is where the simulator from helped me most.
2. Professor ITTO (this section is good for practicing on processes especially Tools & Techniques and Outputs that might present tricky questions during the actual exam).
3. Process Game (although I couldn't use the process game for all processes but it really is a fantastic tool to brush up on ITTO's)
4. Excellent answer explanations with references to the PMBOK Guide. This is the place that helped me in finding areas that I needed to study harder and concentrate more. Of course explanations were given to both correct and incorrect answers but I targeted more on the incorrect ones the most to ensure that I worked harder on the weaker sections.
5. Quick support from you and your team

Kaustubha Gudi, PMP (India), December 2, 2020

I am happy to share that I passed both CAPM and PMP exam, with above target in all knowledge areas in CAPM and above target in four process groups in PMP. Many thanks for the excellent simulator which was the most useful resource in my preparation.

Neelam Sharma, CAPM,PMP (Oman), November 30, 2020

The PMSimulatorApp application is easy to navigate and use, and also has a lot of questions, essentials for practice. PmSimulatorApp is really useful, helpful and has interesting tools to learn, like a PMP process game, navigator, and Professor ITTO

Juan Carlos Espejo Galvez, PMP (Peru), November 30, 2020

I consider the questions of very similar to the real exam. There are so many questions in the simulator that I have not even done all of them and passed the exam!! The very best resource is Collin Smith's app, as he helped me to solve all my doubts, and make recommendations.

Estefano Chauvet Campero, CAPM (Spain), November 2, 2020

The PMSimulatorApp is a great tool because it asks challenging questions and give explanations to the answers. I would take five to 10 questions every chance I got and would schedule time to take 50 to 100 questions. I love the fact that I can choose to focus on a specific area or be tested on all areas. Reviewing my test history was as helpful as the training material.

Jamel Johnson, PMP (USA), October 21, 2020

Your tool is an excellent one! I used it and passed my PMP today! Great product, great service!

Shiva Achet, PMP (USA), October 9, 2020

I would absolutely recommend! I really liked the reports after taking the tests. They give you information on where to focus your studies, weak domains and processes.

Melissa Calvin, PMP (USA), May 19, 2020

I thought this a great tool. It was what really put me over the top. Easily the tool where I gained the most knowledge and confidence. Outside of work experience, studying the book and taking a course helped reestablish my foundation, but the PMSimulatorApp is what really gave me the edge for going into the exam with confidence.

Michael Hassan, PMP (USA), March 11, 2020

After failing my first attempt at PMP, I was really down with doubts as I thought I prepared well using some other alternative exam simulators. However, I went on Quora and was one of the most strongly recommended for PMP exam. I purchased the simulator and thanks to the PMP Simulator, Navigator, Professor ITTO and PMP Process game on Pmsimulator, I was able to prepare well and pass it on the second attempt. Thank you, Collin! for creating this wonderful platform for PMP exam takers. I strongly recommend your platform!

Ahmed Tijani, PMP (Nigeria), February 14, 2020

I think that the PMSimulatorApp is a great tool and it certainly helped me pass. Overall, I think that the questions are formatted well for study purposes. The questions were somewhat close to the actual exam, but were more descriptive which helped contribute to study. The actual PMP exam questions were a little more vague, so it might be beneficial for future enhancements to add some more additional vague questions in the pool to up the difficulty of the simulator questions. I did some ITTO games, but focused the majority of my use of the PMSimulatorApp on the test questions. Yes, I will be recommending the app to future teammates to plan on taking the PMP exam!

Cody Norton, PMP (United States), January 11, 2020

The simulated questions provided by PMSimulatorApp were one of the main reasons I believe I successfully passed the PMP exam on my first attempt. I was able to apply what I was learning through my studies and identify areas where I needed to focus additional attention. I had read that practice questions were a key element in successful preparation and PMSimulatorApp did a terrific job helping me baseline where I was in my studies and helped me understand the types of questions I could expect when I took the PMP exam.

Chris Brown, PMP (United States), December 9, 2019

ITTOs game/approach is outstanding, exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find anything like that. There are 5 people in the company I work for are pursuing CAPM and 4 PMP certifications. I already told everybody about PMSimulatorApp and made little presentation :) Thank you for your valuable product!

Bogdan Petrov, CAPM (Ireland), October 30, 2019

I just wanted to thank you! I passed the PMP with all Above Targets this morning. Your practice materials were greatly helpful!

Danielle Han, PMP (USA), October 26, 2019

I found the PMSimulatorApp because I was looking for game to help me learn the ITTOs. When I found the PMSimulatorApp, I thought it was going to be like the other apps I found just a matching ITTO to process. This was so much more. It gives the definition of the process, the key benefits, the ability to match ITTO to processes and drill down into the ITTO to see what other processes uses ITTO. In addition, there are thousands of test questions. In my opinion, is a great tool to help supplement your study. I have already recommended the to several people I know studying for the exam.

Cortina Brown, PMP (USA), October 2, 2019

The PMSimulatorApp was crucial to me passing the PMP exam, first time, last week! It was recommended to me by my PMP "study buddy" who found it when she searched for additional ways to master the ITTO's. Even though we were both already using the excellent Cornelius Fitchner PMP Exam Simulator, I added the PMSimulatorApp, particularly the ITTO Navigator tool & ITTO game, to my study routine. It became my ITTO "one-stop" shop because it's so interactive & flexible to use. In the Navigator, I could filter on different categories (knowledge areas, reports, tools/techniques, or process groups) where I'd see a definition, the PMBOK reference & the other inputs/outputs/tools or techniques whatever I had filtered on was associated with. I've already recommended to several people I know.

Kelly Day, PMP (USA), October 1, 2019 was instrumental in passing the PMP. I worked questions by process group and by knowledge area for about 3 weeks after finishing my reading. The questions were great for drilling down into specific areas of weakness. And there were SO many questions that I don't think I ever had the same question twice, unlike other question banks I used. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Sonya Butler, PMP (USA), September 16, 2019

PMSimulatorApp is a great and vital tool for any aspiring PMP, it has a huge bank of simulator questions, that will test you in all domains and ITTO's. The truly hidden goldmine is the app's PMP Process Game, which helps to understand the ITTO's in a visually friendly manner. I would highly recommend PMSimulatorApp to supplement your study for any soon to be PMP!

Faisal Khan, PMP (Canada), September 5, 2019

The PMSimulatorApp was the main simulator I used to prepare for my exam in Aug 2019. I went through almost all questions available in it by using the filters to customize questions for my simulations according to my knowledge gaps and time availability. I used it intensively for about 1 month prior the exam and successfully passed it. It is simple, straightforward and accessible with the highest cost benefit among the apps available. I admire the simplicity and efficiency of the app and found the questions to be of great quality and relevant to my studies. My big thanks to Collin for his support.

Dina Werstak, PMP (Ireland), August 19, 2019

This app was extremely helpful. Being mobile friendly allowed me to study anywhere. It was nice to be able to adjust the number of questions and which topics to include per quiz. Having the ITTOs mapped out together was also a great reference to review. I studied using this tool pretty much exclusively and passed the exam on the first try, so I highly recommend!

Alexa Livezey, PMP (USA), August 10, 2019

I found the to be the best test prep because of the simplicity of the system, the price, and because of the proximity of the questions to the ones I actually had on my exam. I failed my first attempt before I found this app...and passed with flying colors after!

Erinn Miles, PMP (USA), August 1, 2019

The PMSimulatorApp was extremely useful. I used the Simulator and the Professor ITTO tools daily, most times multiple times during the day, just to keep testing myself, doing better each time after each Q&A test. I found it very helpful that you are provided the explanation of the correct answer and where in the PMBOK you can find that information. The process game and Navigator was fun too, but honestly what interested me the most and helped me the most were the simulator and ITTO Q&A's. Honestly, the ... I've used over the past several months and found it AWESOME!

Patrece Rivers-Hines, PMP (USA), July 26, 2019

To be honest, the was invaluable in my preparation. It was very beneficial to study each phase/process/chapter as a stand alone section. As an example, other options would include all chapters, not giving the option to only focus on stakeholder, or integration or risk management. It was very helpful to have the option to select just that one section to cover at a time.(Or just integration, just Planning, etc.) I feel that this simulator is a great value for your money!!! Most online resources charge well over $100 for something very similar. I'm pleased to have invested significantly less and still worth every penny.

Gladys Ruck, PMP (USA), June 22, 2019 provided me with the best preparation by far for the exam since it provided the closest practice exams to the actual PMI PMP Exam. The PMP exam that I took was highly situational as opposed to direct questions on EVM formulas or the ITTO's. I was very surprised by the fact that there were so few questions on the exam that required any significant time in terms of calculations. In the end, I was actually very impressed that PMI created an exam that gave some very real life scenarios for which the PMBOK provided useful guidance. I would highly recommend for test preparation. I might not have passed had I not utilized this product. Thank you for helping me pass the exam on my first attempt!

Keith Campbell, PMP (USA), June 13, 2019

I spent the last 48 hours before the exam on the, particularly the PMP ITTO Navigator. This strategy worked to ensure that there were no ITTOs that I didn't have a firm understanding of. It also helped to see how processes were interconnected. Result: Above Target Score!

Carolyn Parker, CAPM (USA), February 25, 2019 was really the simulator that I needed in order to prepare for the exam and to become confident before actually taking the exam. It was really helpful for me and it is also a great value for the money. I would strongly recommend it to any PMP candidate.

Alex Moldovanu, PMP (Romania), November 28, 2018

I just passed the PMP! The PMSimulatorApp is a useful tool in that process. As part of my PMP study prep, I developed proficiency by doing quick 10-20 question practice tests by Knowledge Area (and Process Group) until I was averaging 90% on each area. I really appreciate having the Navigator tool to visually see how everything fits together, and how progress transitions from initiating to closing. Excellent PMP prep tool that I would recommend.

Gene Huie, PMP (USA), September 9, 2018

PMSimulatorApp is one of those rare tests which is completely devoted to the PMBOK 6th Edition and also offers a great number of the questions with explanations and where to find the right answer in the PMBOK. The questions are in clear English with exact PMBOK references. There were no situations where I was unable to understand the questions. Bottom line, this app prepares you for the real questions in the exam. Personally my result was "Above Target" for every Knowledge Area.

Edgars Pampe, CAPM (Latvia), August 24, 2018