PMP Pilot Exam

Here is the breakdown of the PMP Pilot Exam(Which occurred from March 9th to March 20th, 2020):

  • Content will be based on the New PMP Exam Format
  • You can sit for the PMP Pilot Exam from March 9th to March 20th
  • You will receive a rebate of $81(PMI Members) or $111(Non-PMI Members)
  • Eligible for a retake at no cost
  • Results will be determined in May 2020
  • More details can be found at PMI Pilot Exam
  • FAQS can be found at PMI Pilot FAQs


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The new Exam Format
  • A new focus on Agile/Hyrid approaches
  • Equal breakdown of Agile/Hybrid(50%) approaches and Predictive(50%) Project Management Methodologies
  • Questions are also broken down by Domains: (42% People, 50% Process, and 8% Business Environment)
  • More details can be found at New PMP Exam Format

PMP® Study Resources for the PMP Pilot Exam
  • The Agile/Hybrid content can be found in the Agile Practice Guide which is contained in the current PMBOK
  • The Predictive content(basically the current(old) PMP format) can be found in the PMBOK and existing training materials.
  • Our PMP Simulator is the only PMP Simulator available which supports both, the new PMP Pilot Exam format and the current one. Check for yourself at Best PMP Simulators
  • Break down questions by Domain and Lifecycle(Predictive vs. Agile) to train thoroughly
  • Sign up for free to have 200 current PMP questions with 12 free sample Agile/Hybrid questions for this new exam format.
  • We have over 300 Agile/Hybrid questions for you to prepare yourself for your PMP Pilot Exam.(Not available anywhere else !)
  • Why not arm yourself with the best Training resource available for the PMP Pilot Exam?
  • More details can be found at New PMP Exam Reference Materials
Another note:
  • You will write it in March and receive your results in May.
  • The reason for this is that they will calibrate the test questions based on all PMP Pilot Exam submissions.
  • The better you perform, the better the chances of your passing the PMP Pilot Exam.
  • It is for this reason, you need to equip yourself with the best PMP Simulator available and Sign up now for the full version of this to ensure your success!
  • If you are not successful, you can retake it for free once the new PMP Exam format launches on January 2, 2021.

New Examination Content Outline (Pilot Exam Format and starting January 2, 2021 for all PMP Exams)

Also check out the following tools to help you achieve the PMP: PMP Simulator or PMP Navigator or Professor ITTO or PMP Process Game!