CAPM Application

CAPM® Application Steps:
1. Fulfill Eligibility Criteria (the CAPM® Requirements )
2. Complete the Application
  • Register/Login at
  • Provide Contact Information
  • Provide Attained Education
  • Provide Requirements (including Eligibility Worksheet, Project Experience(along with contact information*), PM Education)
  • Provide Optional Information
  • Provide Name for Certificate
  • Digitally Sign the Agreement
  • Review and Submit
* It is advisable to ensure your contacts will be available and possibly have a copy of the information you provide to PMI to talk to.
3. Wait for Application to be Reviewed (24 hours)
PMI might ask for some clarification
4. Potentially Complete Audit
Follow instructions to comply with the audit
5. Provide Payment
Based on the approved application.
$300(USD) Non-PMI Members, $225(USD) PMI Members
6. Schedule Test
Take a Center-based exam
or the online proctored exam
7. Write Test
Prepare for the exam
150 Questions in 3 hours
Prepare and study with some good resources including the PMBOK®, a good CAPM® study guide, and a high quality Test Simulator (or why not another one as well ) to really get comfortable with the material.
ITTO Questions are very prominent in the CAPM® Exam and working with the best ITTO Simulator, Professor ITTO, would be very beneficial.
Another tool at your disposal is the PMP Process Game.
Overall Process:
PMP Application Process